Fruit - Cape Gooseberry



Papery calyx opening to reveal a ripe orange gooseberry

Cape gooseberries are closely related to tomatillos, but produce a sweet-tasting fruit.  Great for jam and fruit leathers.

A close relative of the tomatillo, cape gooseberries have quite a few colloquial names in Latin America: capuli, aguaymanto, tomate sylvestre, or uchuba, in Peru; capuli or motojobobo embolsado in Bolivia; uvilla in Ecuador; uvilla, uchuva, vejigón or guchavo in Colombia; topotopo, or chuchuva in Venezuela; capuli, amor en bolsa, or bolsa de amor, in Chile; cereza del Peru in Mexico. It is called cape gooseberry, golden berry, pompelmoes or apelliefie in South Africa; alkekengi or coqueret in Gabon; lobolobohan in the Philippines; teparee, tiparee, makowi, etc., in India; cape gooseberry or poha in Hawaii.



Mature Plant Size

3 - 6 ft. tall


golden orange fruit


sweet with a grape-like tartness
Tender perennial


Full sun